The Fox and The Turtles

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untitledturtlefoxpicThis is both a sad and amazing story that begs to be told.

My nephew and sister are both animal lovers, loving animals of all kinds. We all live in the North Georgia mountains where we encounter wildlife on a regular basis.

One day two years ago, my nephew brought home an Eastern box turtle his girlfriend had rescued from the road. This turtle lived in the house and fast became a family pet as we learned all we could about feeding, hibernating and all-around care for the box turtle.

As time wore on, she was longing to be outside, so an outside habitat was built for her and was properly named “Turtle Town,” population of one.

A year later, a male Eastern box turtle was once again rescued from the road and brought into the fold. Having researched box turtles the previous year, we knew this one was male because he had red eyes. He quickly became family and after a time was introduced to Turtle Town, population now two.

Box turtles can remain fertile for up to four years from one mating.  The female apparently was in this particular condition as she had laid three eggs before the male was introduced. Gestation is anywhere from 70 to 80 days and they hatch on their own. These eggs were cared for, but unfortunately did not survive.

Sometime later the female laid three more eggs. This time we left them alone, having learned a valuable lesson before. Three months later, I inquired as to how the eggs were doing. When my nephew went and checked, he discovered they were hatching at that exact moment. Two survived the birth and the third may or may not have survived as it was gone when they were checked on.

One male and one female unbelievably tiny were walking around on the ground. They were quickly brought inside where a place was made for them to be cared for by the humans. Baby box turtles are on their own in the wild and are usually eaten by raccoons or foxes soon after birth. Sad, isn’t it? But luckily these guys were born into a family such as ours. Life was going on as usual with Turtle Town’s population now increased to four.

My sister has a 20-pound orange tabby cat named Rudy. No, he did not harm the turtles (I just read your mind — because I’m a psychic). Rudy started to growl at something in the yard while sitting on the back porch at night. He’s an inside cat and the porch is screened-in, so he was technically still inside but looking outside. Then he became so upset he started pooping in the floor.

We knew some kind of wild animal was outside, but not exactly what it was. So, there was not much we could do but keep Rudy safe in the house.

About a month ago, my sister noticed the female turtle was missing from Turtle Town. We searched the fenced-in area and even dug up the yard in case the turtle had buried herself deep in the ground, but she was nowhere to be found.

We assumed she just climbed the small fence and ran away. Then, a week later, the adult male turtle also came up missing. The same search was performed and he was also nowhere to be found. So, we now assumed he had also run away.

But why, after two years, would both turtles suddenly decide to run away within the span of a week? We were stumped.

Could whatever was making Rudy the cat nervous have also taken the turtles? Box turtles have many predators in the wild, including raccoons, snakes, foxes, large birds, even bears, and all of those animals can be found within the woods surrounding our homes.

So, what else could we do but just be sad and move on? Life goes on, right? Turtle Town was now a sad little ghost town as the two baby turtles remained safely inside the house.

My sister recently had her house painted and some outside work done. So, one early morning I decided to take a picture of the finished paint job. If you’ve read anything on this website, you know I can see and sense things most people can’t.

After taking the picture of the house, something drew me to the downstairs window. So I zoomed in on the window. This is where the supernatural meets the real world. Believe me if you will but what I am going to tell you happened next is 100 percent my truth. Seen now by several people and once I post the picture you will be able to see for yourself.  What was in the window of my sisters house was clearly a wolf/fox/dog type apparition.

Clear as day there was this animal bearing teeth. I took it as a wolf. In the next picture there was a man with the same wolf face. Okay, I see it a “werewolf” had apparently come to visit. Folklore you say, mythology? Not possible right? Yet here I am telling you the story and showing you the picture of the wolf. The “Werewolf” pic has mysteriously removed itself from my cell phone.

So I sit with this info in pictures for a few weeks. Showed it to my intuitive friends. Yes they all saw the wolf or dog. Some saw a cat, owl, deer, turtle and horse. A safe haven perhaps. But why was it here and what was the meaning? You see I am the type of person who must know the reason why things happen and why they present themselves to me at certain times. Call it overthinking, analytical or just plain nosey. Doesn’t matter what anyone calls it or thinks about me, what I do know is I see things and when I do there is a reason, a message, a lesson here for me as well as for others to know.

This was a puzzler and it coincided with the missing turtles. I knew it had to for the mere fact this window is right above Turtle Town. Weeks went by and I could not piece it together and it was driving me crazy. So I reached out to a friend, mentor, helper and all around wise one. This is where it gets real folks.

She saw not a wolf/dog at all, but a fox and two baby foxes. She drew out what she saw and we matched it up to the original picture. Well, there it was so simple yet I could not see because my vision was clouded by the “werewolf” and I was looking at it from a much darker angle. This is why we have friends with knowledge to pull us back when we stray.

Look closely my friends and you will see in the picture the two missing turtles from Turtle Town. The Fox had come to tell me she had taken each turtle to feed her babies and she was sorry. Circle of life. Now, sis and I had figured a fox could have taken the turtles and could have been why Rudy the cat was so upset, but we never put together this apparition in the window as being “that” fox!

How — come on, how? — could this fox show herself to me with her babies and the two turtles in the same scene and not be a ghost? I was amazed as well as baffled. The fox had came to me as an animal totem with a message to ease my mind on the death of the turtles and to tell me to be aware that more animal totems would be coming to me with more messages.

What was I to do with this information? This question often comes up in my mind on the things I encounter. What am I to do? I am to be more aware of my surroundings, my invisibility in a world that is changing and ascending to a much higher place.

Perhaps to be as one with the spirit, to walk a shadow side and to continue with the good grace that in the knowing I have something to offer and a salvation for all.


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