Spirit Release & Rescue


Have you ever seen a ghost?

Have you ever felt a ghost’s presence?

Have you ever sensed a ghost?

Have you have ever felt like you were being watched?

Ghosts vs. Spirits

A ghost is a person who has passed away but hasn’t yet made it through to the afterlife; he or she is stuck in between this world and the next. A haunting is usually done by a ghost. The ghost will haunt people and places they were associated with while alive, which many people consider to be a negative experience.

A spirit is a deceased person who has made it through to the afterlife but can revisit the physical world. Spirits may use symbols, smells and sometimes signs that remind us who this person was. Spirits can guide you and comfort you.

Why Ghosts Are Here

When the pain and suffering of physical or psychic trauma comes into our lives — whether it be fear, sickness, negative family and friends, child abuse, injustice or any of the other horrors we witness on a day-to-day basis — dark entities and attachments can play havoc with our souls. In fact, we can actually lose pieces of our souls when these things happen.

Departed souls may find themselves in an earthbound prison for many reasons, and I can often help free them. Some feel guilty leaving loved ones behind. Some fear judgment from either this life or the next. Some feel they need to stay to protect someone. Some simply don’t realize they’re dead, usually resulting from a sudden and unexpected death due to accident, war or other violent act.

Some are held earthbound by the grief of another, and others seek to stay here in order to cause harm or instill fear in others. No ghostly soul should ever remain earthbound, and no person should ever seek to keep one here because it’s the ultimate form of cruelty.

Types of Ghosts

• Residual Energy: A residual energy ghost is an image of a past event and it’s the most common type of haunting. It’s believed that when a traumatic event happens in a person’s life it can leave an imprint on the environment. You can’t interact with a residual ghost because it’s not aware of your presence.

• Intelligent Spirits: Intelligent spirits are earthbound spirits that can interact with you. These left-behind spirits can communicate with you by smells, moving objects and generally making noise. They can appear in human form or as a mist.

• Inhuman Spirits: Inhuman spirits are what some refer to as evil spirits or demons; they’re not a person who’s passed away. Foul odors and angry growls accompany these spirits. Their goal is to break the will of the individual they haunt in order to possess them. They can be quite strong and powerful and have the ability to cause you harm.

• Poltergeists: Poltergeist is a German word meaning “pounding ghost.” Poltergeists are actually not ghosts at all; this psychic phenomenon is usually caused by an adolescent female with repressed rage or upheaval subconsciously making objects move or creating loud bangs and crashes through telekinesis.

• Shadow People: Shadow people are dark beings that resemble human beings. They linger in the shadows, around corners and by your bedside. They’re generally darker than the darkness around them and flashlights will not shine through them.

Some shadow people appear with red or white eyes and some appear as the “Hat Man.” No one knows for sure who these shadow people are, but some believe they are alien or from another dimension. Extreme fear and overwhelming gloom and doom often accompany sightings of shadow people.

• Portals and Vortexes: A portal is an opening from one dimension to another dimension. Any entity higher than a human can create a portal. Spirits, angels and aliens can all create portals. Some portals are ancient ones that someone opened without knowing how to close. Always use caution when opening a portal as entities feed off the energy of lower astral levels.

A vortex is a whirling mass of energy and light, with positive energy whirling clockwise and negative energy whirling counterclockwise. Lay lines can create powerful energy vortexes. A vortex has been shown to affect brain chemistry as electromagnetic fields cause effects on the body. Vortexes can be used for both interdimensional travel and time travel in the spiritual sense.

Spirit Release and Rescue

A ghost is a disembodied human that has decided to remain with the living and subsequently become trapped in the physical world. They can be attached to people, places or things. Ghosts can not cross over for many reasons and they need direction.

A spirit has already crossed over to the afterlife but can come back to visit us here on Earth. A spirit can bring comfort. Your pets may see a spirit, or you may smell a fragrance or see lights flicker when a spirit is near.

While there’s a big difference between ghosts and spirits, “spirit release” is the most widely-used colloquial term for what could more accurately be described as “ghost release.” As a spirit release therapist, I have the privilege of helping lost souls get where they’re going by helping them find their way.

Ghosts can remain earthbound for many reasons and it’s the spirit release coach’s job to find out why, to hear the ghost’s story and find some way to help them move into the loving and peaceful light.

It’s incumbent upon a spirit release coach — or “spirit rescuer,” as we’re also known — to determine why a ghost has chosen to remain here. It’s also crucially important to make sure ghosts are aware they have died. In order to help a ghost successfully transition to the afterlife, a rescuer must explain to them exactly what’s happening and assist them with resolving whatever issues are keeping them here.

The ghost needs to understand the light — an intense place of love and peace — is where they should be, not here on Earth. A spirit rescuer makes the ghost’s transition into the light as easy as possible by helping them understand why they’re still earthbound and helping them understand how to relieve their suffering.

Helping Ghosts Transition to the Afterlife

mark-9_38-39-nivAs a spirit release coach, I help earthbound ghosts transition to the afterlife by removing obstacles in their path and making the transition as easy for them as possible. I help ghosts understand they have support from their loved ones — both in this world and the next — and work to remove any fears the ghost may have.

One way I might do this is by telling a ghost to close its eyes so it can see loved ones waiting for it on the other side, perhaps even extending a hand to guide the ghost toward the amazing light.

Sometimes a ghost fears no one will be there to meet them on the other side, that they don’t deserve to cross over into the light. Ghosts might also fear their loved ones being left behind on Earth won’t be able to handle the grief brought about by their passing, so they remain earthbound to try and comfort those loved ones.

In cases such as these, I call upon the Archangel Michael to come and take these souls into his embrace, to guide them to their appointed place with his ever-brilliant protective blue light. A ghost can’t fear no one will be there to greet them if angels are coming to take them to the peace of the light.

As a spirit release coach, I do everything within my power to communicate with these attached souls and help make their transition to the afterlife as easy and loving as if they were being taken into God’s own hand. To learn more about spirit release coaching, and how I might be able to help you or a loved one, please contact me today.