Astral Plane Spiritual Coaching

I offer coaching and instruction in avoiding the astral plane. Nothing good comes from the astral plane. The astral plane is a step above the physical plane of Earth and below that of the spirit world. Some astral project or lucid dream to get to this plane, but it’s not somewhere you want to be. Your spiritual learning can be compromised if you reside in the astral.

I provide instruction as well as spiritual counseling in regards to “Shadow People” negative thought formed entities, soul attachments, and other dark energies you are dealing with, what some refer to as a black smoke or fog,  plus  any other issues along these lines that you may have questions about or are experiencing.

Entities and demons can magnify fears, amplify obsessive thought patterns, aggravate unresolved wounding’s, and exploit unacknowledged parts of a person’s shadow side. They cannot force a person to do something he/she was not already open to doing.

Negative Thought Formed Entities

Negative thought formed Entities are Entities traveling from place to place seeking out the wounded, the addicted, the suffering, the traumatized, the angry, the broken individual at the end of their rope. These entities are merely the collective fear of us all, they feed off fear. Some believe they can be residue from the astral. They can and do appear along with Shadow Man or “Hat Man”. Thought forms can turn into some really nasty things and need to be dealt with accordingly.