My experience with shadow people

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shadowdayAs long as I can remember, I have had a shadow person with me — “Shadow Man,” I call him. Sometimes he’s a form, while other times he’s purely smoke.

I have traced this shadow person back to when I was 8 years old and traumatized by abuse. I remember seeing flashes of black smoke and a black outline of a shadow form in my bedroom at night.

There were also childhood nightmares over and over of being run over by a large rolling object. I never could determine exactly what the object was, only that it made me feel scared and that everything was somehow too big.

Having no knowledge of what a shadow person was, I allowed it to hang around.  I lost a lot of time as a kid in a daydream kind of world separate from the one I was living in.

As an adult, I found my calling in law enforcement. I spent 28 years doing this kind of work and was involved in thousands of investigations (too many to count). I saw trauma, murder, suicide, traffic deaths, domestic abuse, child abuse, child murders, beatings, good and bad people killed, babies tortured and burned, fellow officers falling, the very worst humanity can offer up. This was my day-to-day life.

However, I also witnessed kindness, love, peace, generosity, selflessness, camaraderie, strength, courage, understanding, honesty and humility. I was left with both good and bad memories, as well as a healthy dose of post-traumatic stress disorder.

During all those years on the job, Shadow Man was right there with me. He was my constant companion, never leaving my side. When I closed my eyes at night, he was always there and sometimes brought with him a black smoke or fog. Sometimes he also brought “The Men in Suits.” These guys are different kinds of beings. While Shadow Man, I have learned, is a fear-based thought form, the men in suits were workers or watchers, sometimes referred to as seers.

I’ve been seeing four of these “men in black,” as I call them, for years. They wear suits, have no facial features and carry briefcases. They are always working and when they see you looking at them they go away. These are said to be inter-dimensional beings doing work in their own realm. Why I can see them, I can not fully explain.

I have seen them when a soul is crossing over. They just watch us. Their place here has many reasons and explanations. Many people believe these guys and shadow people are the same thing. I tend to disagree, as I have seen both but never at the same time. The suit guys do not scare me and have never placed any fear in me — unlike the shadow people, who are all fear-based.

It was like these poor lost souls I encountered daily in my law enforcement job were calling out to me even then. I knew that one day I would be in a better position to help them, but first I had to walk this ominous and mysterious path.

My awakening began in July 2012, a few years after retiring from law enforcement. I was in bed asleep, dreaming about my mother and walking down a dirt road. Suddenly, I was literally catapulted out of bed and felt an electrical shock running through the entire length of my body. It was extremely painful and the terror I felt is indescribable. It was as if my blood had turned to ice. I was suddenly up on my feet and remember feeling very bewildered.

Was that a spirit? Was that the Holy Ghost? Was that a demonic presence?  To this very day, I still do not know what happened to me that night. Perhaps it was the spiritual Kundalini, awakening spontaneously.

I can recall the event clearly, as well as the terror I felt. I actually wondered if I might have died for a moment and was brought back. Lightning from a summer storm struck my house 28 days later and once again I was knocked out of bed. The strike was just above my head and I could smell the air burning as I was knocked up on my feet again.

That, my friends, was enough for me to start listening to all I had known all along.

I knew I could see and hear things others couldn’t. Since childhood, I knew Shadow Man was there. Could all this be part of that? I saw this as a wake-up call and began looking for a place to go with like-minded people, for people I could talk with who could help me. I was eager to develop the abilities I knew I had within me, I just needed someone to teach me how to accept and develop these gifts.

I found such a teacher in June 2013. I met Brenda Staab through her “Living in the Light” series. This nearly year-long training series changed me. Together, Brenda and I began unraveling these mysteries in my life. Teaching, training and seeking knowledge are a never-ending road for me, and what a long and enlightened one it has become.

September 2014 was when my face-to-face battle began with the Shadow People, as well as what are commonly called “The Watchers”.

“Entities and demons can magnify fears, amplify obsessive thought patterns, aggravate unresolved wounding and exploit unacknowledged parts of a person’s shadow side. They cannot force a person to do something he or she was not already open to doing.” This was a surprise to me, as I had no idea these energies were being created by the collective fears of not only myself but others throughout time.

I had started seeing a black smoke during my meditations in class. That smoke would swoop in and cover up the visions I was having of guides and Jesus. I have always been visual and seeing a prophet or a biblical guide was most common for me.

During this time in 2014, the smoke came in and took all that away. I would see it close in on everything I was trying to do. At night, I would see the smoke crawl along the floor of my bedroom and then crawl along the walls and ceiling. I truly decided I was losing my mind and this thing was going to win.

I would awaken at night to the words “get out,” “keeping secrets” and “hiding,” as well as “vortex” and “portal.” I even heard a voice say to me, “They are hiding in the vortex.” The shadow man would always stand on my left, just inside a doorway. There were awful times when a shadow would come up behind me in bed and look down on me.

It was about this time that I asked for some serious help in fighting these beings, whatever they turned out to be. I had become friends with several people in the field of the paranormal. I also depended on Brenda, who would help me survive what I am about to tell you.

It began with the black smoke covering my eyes as I laid awake in bed. I could see it coming and it just made me freeze with fear. Then came Shadow Man, with his red eyes. Then came wolves and eagles. I knew I was not to be afraid (since that only fed them more), which was hard to pull off at that particular moment.

I was in contact with a paranormal group at the time and was receiving suggestions from them. It only made things worse. Throughout October, November and December, things got really bad. I was told to ask the Shadow Man for an identity. What I got were visions of the Dark Ages and sickness and the Black Death: knights on horseback, fallen angels, jesters, death angels, visions of my understanding of a “devil,” sex orgies in blood with winged and tailed beings/creatures, men with the heads of goats and family members depicted in “hell.”

This was  the height of it all. Evil was surely set free and walking the earth in my world during these months. I was trapped from within, empathy abandoned as evil had come of age.

In December 2014, more beings were popping up in my face at every turn. I could not sleep. I started seeing death angels in my visions. From that, the shadows turned into imps crawling through caves and crawling over each other. They were crawling upside-down on my bedroom ceiling. Some had wings and would just hover on the ceiling. I could do nothing. I was controlling my fear as best I could, but decided to move out of my bedroom.

It was suggested I move out the furniture and maybe add some new paint on the walls. I know this may sound silly to you, but it is all a process of setting your intentions to make these entities leave for good.

Every night, these shadowy imps crawled over each other in my room, coming right up into my face as I lay too paralyzed to move. When sleep did come for a few hours, I was held in place by a strange white light. This light kept me from moving or seeing anything. Until it loosened its grip, I was stuck.

Sometimes I could see myself in bed and other times I would see myself in other places. I had an idea of what was happening, but had no one to talk me through these surreal experiences. I trusted my friends, but many would not understand and even my family was avoiding me.

So, I prayed. I had friends pray with me and for me. I questioned why. I ask God what the purpose of all this was. I sought professional help for my PTSD. I pled the blood of Jesus. God did not answer, or at least that was my understanding at the time. I’d never felt so totally alone.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there was an entity getting in bed with me at night. Several times, I woke up to it sitting on my back. I could reach around and clearly feel this being. There were times its hands were on me and I felt it.  I felt fingers on my lips and once a finger ran along the inside of my mouth, along my teeth.

During this time, I couldn’t tell courage from my own desperation. I kept silent for the most part as it was very difficult to tell this story and not seem like I had boarded the crazy train. Little by little, I would share information with Brenda. I never told the entire story and I’m sure I never will (sorry, Brenda).

I was  sure I had brought with me the darkness of victims from my law enforcement career. This apparently turned out to have some deep truth in it, as I was now seeing the faces of those tortured souls everywhere I went. I would just walk down my hallway and victim after victim popped up right in front of me.

I was reliving every single murder or suicide scene I had ever worked. I could not sleep or focus on much of anything during this horrible time. Talking this over with friends in all honesty was not possible. I could provide bits and pieces but very little else. I had lost my connection to God. I needed to start feeling the spiritual world. I had stopped caring or existing. Then, things took a turn.

I am now able to tell my story because I’ve been to the other side and have now arrived at the dawn of my true awakening. I found the healing I needed to release all the souls that had become attached to me over the years. This was a process that took time, raw emotion and ripping out of my very existence.

It was painful and took all I had to accomplish. The hundreds of souls were being crossed over to their appointed places now. I was made aware that I was keeping them here and they were keeping me as well. I was even holding on to the evil souls that caused all the damage and the darkness. Once these were all released, I no longer was face-to-face with them everywhere I went.

Then came the work I had to do in order to repair the damage. I had work to do on myself, to retrieve my fractured soul. I continue to do this work, as it is a never-ending process.  I realized it was no longer up to me to save everyone as that part of my career was over. My ability to fight in the job I had took its toll. I no longer needed to do this, so I was standing down.

I would help those souls that came to me, always.  I put on the armor of God and I turned inward. I faced my fears of Shadow Man. I faced my fears of evil or darkness. I could not control the collective fears of those around me, but I could now control myself.

I changed everything — my way of thinking, my thoughts, my meditations. Some friends I lost along the way and some friends I gained. I researched shadow people for years and now I no longer need to read one single thing about them. They are fear-based, thought-formed negative entities and they will feed off you as long as you’ll allow it.

I have explained on this site why they come and I can explain how they go. I am in a position to offer help to others going through something like this or worse. I made it through that dark night of the soul. I rest upon my act of faith.

I know now that God brought me through this fire. I had to travel this way because it was the job I chose. I had a vision of Christ where he laid down next to me. He will be here for a long time to come. He is my master teacher and he is laying down his love and telling me to get comfortable with his presence.

With humility and a higher understanding, I will continue on this newly-laid path.

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  1. Joy Suratt says:

    If anyone has a story about their experience with Shadow People feel free to post it. I am interested in hearing from you.

    • Vicki barron says:

      When I was growing up I often saw the shadow of a man in our hallway. I would see movement in my peripheral vision and when I would look his way, he would quickly disappear. My mother often awakened with him standing at the foot of her bed. Looked like a farmer man wearing a straw hat. His figure was white fog, translucent. I was never scared of him. My mom still lives there but he is gone now.

      • Joy Suratt says:

        Sounds like you experienced a shadow man commonly called “The Hat Man.” I would imagine there were other shadows hanging around the house. It’s a good thing to not show fear as that gives them more energy and a reason to hang around.

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