The lights of the angels

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Angels are all around us.

Sometimes it’s a gentle brush on your cheek, a whisper, a flutter of wings, and sometimes it’s more of an “in-your-face” presence. This “in-your-face” presence came calling recently.

I’m no stranger to the angels of the Lord. I play host to them and welcome them in my home. This particular evening I was taking part in a group healing and meditation. Many souls were healed that night and the energy around us all was quite amazing and very strong.

Afterwards, as I was preparing for bed, something called for my attention. As I focused my gaze toward my dining room, a blue light with a stream of white light came shooting across the room and into a vase of flowers.

As if they heard my thoughts (“Am I really seeing this?”), the light appeared again and went into the vase of flowers. I knew immediately the angels were indeed here, remaining from the earlier healings. What a glorious event!

Angels are part of a supernatural experience. They are all around us even if we are not aware of their presence. They are here to help us all, sent by God to deliver us, guide us and protect us.

So, call upon the angels as your messengers, your healers and your closeness to God .

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