Goodbye, posers

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"Posers" illustration copyright 2015 Sheldon Dean

Illustration copyright 2015 Sheldon Dean, all rights reserved.

As a spiritual person, I try to sit in silence every day. During these times I have encountered a group of playful figures along the way. I have had visions of these playmates, if you will, many times. They seem to interfere with my silence and any work that I may be doing , such as healing or simply speaking with God.

There are usually three or more of these blacked-out figures that show up. In a sense, they are wanting to play. They distract me from my work by running back and forth across my vision, peeking out from behind a wall and hiding like the children’s game of hide-and-go-seek. They remind me of those poseable art mannequins you find in hobby shops.  It’s annoying at best and I have searched for a reason for their presence.  They’ve been with me since childhood and it’s about time I found out why.

My search has provided  me with an understanding I never knew existed. A peace and a calm covers me now, and I am at a place to share my story.  I have found it quite difficult to do healing work and counseling on one’s self, so off I went to the one person in my life who might be able to help.

So begins the deep breathing into the deep meditative state we call theta state. I presented a picture my nephew drew describing these figures and their actions. In this calm state, I realized these figures would appear when I was on the verge of a healing session, a fact-finding mission, or connecting with any other person psychically.

They would start running through my meditation just as I was about to receive an answer to something I was working on. Once here, they would play their games of hiding and running and jumping for my attention. I had no choice in the matter but to look at them. In doing so, I would lose all concentration and come completely out of my calmness. I did not perceive them as a threat and there was no fear associated with them. They were a happy little group, but they needed to leave.

In session, I learned these guys had come to me as a child during a very tough time in my young life. I needed them to play with to distract me from what I was experiencing. When I was a scared child and up against all odds, they were there to keep my fragile soul intact by playing games with me. They would leave and always come back when I needed them.

They stayed with me as an adult, protecting my mind from the horrors of my daily job as a police detective. Now I’m retired, but they remain. They come now when they feel I am too close to something that may harm my mind. This has been interfering with the spiritual work in which I’m now involved.

Client and healer will work together to resolve these issue. These guys were my protectors for as long as I had a memory of them. They felt I needed them — and I did — during all those times. Now, I feel they could go be of assistance to another child going through something bad enough to need help keeping their minds and personalities from splitting.

During my session, they appeared to think I was too close to danger once again. This time I let them come and I spoke to them. I remain unclear on where they came from, but I think their origin really doesn’t matter.

Once they appeared this time, my healer was able to confront them. They were lined up in front of me. I counted six or seven of them in different playful poses. It was explained to them I’m no longer in need of the protection they provide. I’m now strong enough to work alone. They understood and waved goodbye as they went on to help other kids. It was quite emotional as I felt I was losing my best friends and protectors, and, in a sense, I was.

The posers have not returned, so now I’m free to do what I’m called to do: healing the souls, bodies and minds of those in need of spiritual guidance as well sa deliverance ministry.

All the articles on my website are true and have been experienced by me as well as others I have come across in my 40 years of experiencing other realms. I welcome your stories and will be glad to post them here.



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