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Everyday Negative Energy:

Have you been angry?

Have you argued with someone?

Afraid of looming financial crises?

Do you spend hours in your home everyday feeling unhappy, miserable and out of control?

Are you in a relationship where you have the same argument over and over…usually in the same place.?

Are you taking care of ailing parents, children?

Was there a recent death or sickness in your home?

Are you the victim of physical, sexual or emotional abuse?

Do you suffer from PTSD?

Well, if you have experienced any of these scenarios/feelings you have created negative energy within your home. We are here to move that energy out and move in positive energy. When we speak, we send vibrations, light and sound out into the Universe. These vibrations, light and sound…our voice…tell the Universe what we want. So, when you argue, fight, hate, feel hopeless, depressed, jealous, resentment, etc., you fill your home, the atmosphere about you, with turmoil and unhappiness while telling the Universe that you want more turmoil and unhappiness.

If you have children in your home, they feel, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, these negative feelings deeply which can lead to behavioral problems, illness, etc.

Think About This: As this negativity is sent out into your home, the light, sound, vibration is being breathed back in by you, just as it is being breathed in by everyone in the home…including animals. So, over time, a miasma of negativity builds up within your home. You know that old saying, “You could have cut the tension with a knife,” is all too true.

Responsibility: Like it or not, you and you alone, as well as each person in your home, are responsible for what is in your/their world. You/they generate this negativity through your thoughts and feelings- you are/they are the only one that can change if for you/themselves.

Entities: Entities and attachments are sometimes created by that negativity we generate.. I’m not saying that the entity or attachment troubling you was necessarily created by you. It takes a lot of accumulated negative energy to create these things with an intelligence of their own. Sometimes they follow you from lifetime to lifetime.

Collective Unconscious: Now some of you have heard of Jung’s Collective Unconscious, right? So consider that as you carry your negativity everywhere with you and affect those around you, others are doing the same thing. Consider that over the millennia so much of this negativity has built up that the Collective Unconscious just hangs in the atmosphere of Earth affecting us all.

So, What Do You Do? Be conscious of the atmosphere around you, call in Light, Archangel Michael can walk beside you and teach you how to protect yourself. Listen…remember, it is the small, quiet, reasonable, kind, loving voice within you that is important. Do not listen to that voice that is loud, raucous, ugly and insistent.

Various Impediments To Clearing Your Home Of Negativity:

Clutter/Hoarding-lack of flow of energy through the house.

Dirty house attracts negative energy.

Continued production of negativity-do not modify behavior to bring in loving, positive energy.

Someone in the home opposed to clearing.

Bringing items in from garage sales, second hand shops, inherited items, other people storing their stuff in your home or basement and antiques.

Times To clear: 

Frequent Arguments

Drugs/Alcohol Abuse

After any kind of trauma, i.e. burglary, etc.

Death in family- some people think it is cool, comforting to keep a family member who has died around. But think…their progress spiritually is halted while they stay here. They are unable to process their life and move onto the next embodiment and thereby grow. Love them enough to let them go.

Ways To Clear:

Saging your home/business is a very popular way to clear the air of any negative energy. There are many wonderful sage products on the market.

Sound…So, since your voice can generate negativity out into the atmosphere about you, guess what? Discordant music, TV, violent movies, etc. can do the same thing…pour that negativity over everything. Well, beautiful, harmonious music can chase that negativity out and raise the vibrations. Instruments like chimes, tingshas, crystal bowls, awakening bell, etc.


Residual energy simply an image of a past event can leave an imprint on the environment. There are intelligent spirits that can communicate by smells, moving objects and making noise. They can appear in human form or as a mist. There are evil spirits or demons who appear and can be quite strong and powerful. You may smell a foul odors or hear and angry growl. See a shadow person or any other type of dark shadow. You may here loud bangs and crashes due to repressed rage or upheaval. You may notice portals or vortexes on your land or even in your home. These are places where when you are around them it may make you sick or dizzy.

How We Energetically Clear Your Home/Business: 

There are many ways to do this; We can physically or energetically evaluate your home. We determine what is in the home that is causing the problem. With your input, we make a plan to clear out whatever is there. This usually involves at the very least saging, blessing, perhaps bringing in crystals, candles, incense, salt, etc.

So, What Do We Do If Your Problem Is More Difficult:

We call in the Light, the Archangels, Legions of Protecting Angels, Healing Angels, etc. We bring in enough and more of the Light to consume and transmute the negative energy that is there. This may involve not just clearing your home, but clearing the individuals in the home, as well as the extended family because sometimes these things follow the family line.

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