Angels consumed by the violet flame

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After spending considerable time and planning on closing a vortex in my home, I had the following vision. I was in channel seeking advice and information from higher light beings when the following occurred:

I was hearing the vortex was closed from beneath the surface, but I had to wait for 10 days until the work being done from the spirit world was complete.

Then, angels came.

They filled my entire line of vision and the entire room. My eyes were closed, but I could still see. There were angels before me as far as I could see. There were angels with fingers interlaced in hands and hands under their chins. Amazing wingspans across the ceiling. Some wings were invisible, but I could see and feel the movement of air and a pulsating. They were white beings in forms as human and as society’s version, but also quite different. They were hovering above and side-to-side.

A rip opened up and brilliant white light shone on two angels in full battle gear standing in a doorway filled with bright light.  They stood shoulder to shoulder. I fixated on these two beings, drawn to them. I was reluctant to move, not wanting to lose my connection.

I let my eyes wander the room. I did not see the faces of all the angels, but I did see the face of one angel and her eyes were closed.

The angels were different sizes: some small, some tall, some bigger. I saw the space in front of me like I was seeing something hot; there were vibrations of wings — many wings — on one angel, the sight of which I had never seen.

With them was my stepmother in spirit. I spoke to her; she reached out her arms and was then gone. The connection was brief, but it was her; a knowing as well as a seeing.

My heart was pounding so hard I felt I would pass out. I asked God to slow my heart so I could breathe. They came from as far as I could see — high and low, still and moving.

I invoked the violet flame. On the second decree, the entire room turned violet. Flames of violet spread throughout the heavens and the angels’ wings were wrapped in flames. The room was a vivid, violet sea of fire. I could not believe I was seeing this, I could not believe they were actually here.

Here they were, and as I typed this I sat in total surrender. With my eyes open, I saw my room change. I was seeing air — clear as glass — that was vibrating. I felt I was on a very different level. I knew I was home in my room, but at the same time I was looking at myself from beside myself.

I’m at a loss for words and trying desperately for this to make sense. I closed my eyes again; angels came down on my chest and invisible wings brushed my left eye. I flinched, for reasons totally beyond my control.

I didn’t know their limits, their beginning or their end. I felt exposed by the unknown but somehow I understood. Then the angels were gone.

Last night, I learned the concept of humility.

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  1. Joy Suratt says:

    This is one of several visions I have had. I am interested in hearing your experiences.

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