About Crossing Realities

This website is a place for sharing stories without judgment, for asking questions on your quest to learn more about this mystical world in which we all live. Send me your own personal stories and experiences and I will publish them here. People of all faiths are welcome , including those with no professed faith at all. Courtesy is required at all times and all views will be respected.

About Me


My name is Joy Suratt and I live in the North Georgia mountains. I am a visionary and intuitive who very recently has challenged my own beliefs. Through years of studying and research into the paranormal, ghosts, channels, mediums and psychic, I have come to discover some truth.  What exactly am I doing? I will explain this is greater detail in the upcoming months. It’s a work in progress.

Because of my  abilities known and unknown and years of continuing spiritual research, I can honestly say I have been given a Revelation.

(See Ghost to Revelation) My personal testimony.

My Visionary Journey

As a natural seer and visionary, I have seen many unexplained phenomena throughout my life. During three decades spent working as a law enforcement professional and police manager, I dealt with people from all walks of life on a daily basis, many at their all-time low; some good, some bad, some dangerous, some damaged — oh, so many wounded and troubled souls.

I’ve seen firsthand the terrible things people can do to one another, bearing witness to some of the worst things society has to offer. Though not without trepidation, my deep love for mankind and lifelong desire to help the troubled have led me to a new opportunity for making a difference.

My natural gifts combined with ongoing  education and training have given me a new lease on life as a spiritual advisor, and my life experiences — including being diagnosed with PTSD — enable me to empathize with and relate to nearly anything you might be going through.

From an early childhood filled with “lost time,” sexual abuse, confusion and doubt, to many years of witnessing death and destruction, all that  trauma has brought me to where I am today — and the journey has been illuminating, to say the least.

From Cop to Counselor

I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience through spiritual warfare. Jesus gave us all the power to heal and cast out demons. My work consist of doing just that. Adversaries are all around us. The spirit realm is real and there are things there good and bad that require us to put on the whole armor of God.

I have always had a “knowing” and it served me well during the many days and nights I spent patrolling the streets as a police officer serving 700,000 metropolitan citizens.

This knowing has allowed me to determine where the bad guys were and helped me apprehend them. It has also kept me alive. The spirit of GOD has delivered me from harm on more than one occasion, including stray bullets. I now use this ability to help others.

When the pain and suffering of physical  trauma comes into our lives — whether it be fear, sickness, negative family and friends, child abuse, injustice or any of the other horrors we witness on a day-to-day basis — dark entities and attachments can play havoc on our souls.

In fact, when these things happen we can actually lose sight of what is real. However, I can help you as you find your way along this highway of life. This is a new and exciting time and I welcome you to walk with me.